Photography, Video Production

Created: St. Petersburg, Florida
Managed: St. Petersburg, Florida
Brand Reach: National

Communicating quality and dedication in the age of social media.

Photography for PDQ

Already having completed a brand refresh, PDQ came to Hype Group in need of a medium to deliver their brand to consumers. After strategizing with the PDQ team we came to the conclusion that video productions and stop-motion animations were the perfect way to expose the new brand.

Our first order of business was to create storylines for three video productions to promote on their website and social media. We wanted to feature PDQ’s history, their people, and their food.

We then set off for the three-day shoot. Working with a crew of nearly 20 and call times as early as 5 a.m., Hype Group led the charge in drafting the story PDQ wanted to tell. While showcasing their food and service, we made sure to drive home the message that PDQ represents people dedicated to quality.

Video Production for PDQ
Video Production for PDQ

Following the traditional video production shoot, we worked on creating three storylines for stop-motion animations. These shorter videos made using PDQ ingredients resulted in a playful new way to share their story on social media. The animations proved buzzworthy with more than 300,000 views each.