Branding, Packaging

Created: St. Petersburg, Florida
Managed: St. Petersburg, Florida
Brand Reach: Local

Creating a strong and playful brand to stand out in an already saturated market.

Branding for Min's Matcha

Min’s Matcha founder, Hazmin Flynt, came to us with a vision for a youthful twist on an ancient creation; matcha tea. Not only did we needed to create a brand that would stand out, but also educate the consumer on the tried and true benefits of matcha tea.

We began by delving into matcha tea history, the process, and the competitors. Our findings showed the need for a young, modern and delicate brand. In our development we focused on soft colors and equally playful assets. All of this was complemented by structured, modern typography.

Bottle Design for Min's Matcha
Business Card Design for Min's Matcha
Bottle Design for Min's Matcha

Following the brand development, we were tasked with the Min’s Matcha label designs. The brand launched with four flavors, Blueberry Bliss, Blueberry Bliss Lite, Peach on Earth, and Peach on Earth Lite.

Brand Assets for Min's Matcha

Our goal was to create labels that were cohesive with the brand’s vision, but could also stand alone on a shelf and entice the consumer.

Brand Icons for Min's Matcha
Bottle Design for Min's Matcha

Shortly after launching, Min’s Matcha was picked up by various local and regional retail outlets, and has continued to saturate the market ever since. Because of the strong brand developed at Hype Group, Hazmin is now able to confidently promote Min’s Matcha not only to retailers, but via social media and the press.


Bottle Photography for Min's Matcha
Bottle Photography for Min's Matcha