of Commerce


There is strength in tradition, and it is this very tradition that is at the foundation of the brand we presented.

Hype Group participated in a brand competition for the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce, open to all residents and businesses in Pinellas County. The Chamber had one request: redesign their logo and provide brand assets. We did more than that.

Our creative team spent months developing an awesome and completely rejuvenated brand for the chamber.

The St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce is a testament to the collaborative nature of this beautiful city. The artists, local business owners, students, and restaurateurs are the lifeblood of this city, and it is only fitting that they play an integral role in the branding of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce.

We are the Sunshine City, and that is evident in the logo and brand we created. There is strength in tradition and it is at the foundation of the brand we presented.

We chose a vibrant color scheme to represent the chamber’s new brand identity. From the sunset views at Vinoy Park to the serene blue water lining Beach Drive, our various combinations of orange, yellow, and blue create an impactful experience for the viewer.

Iconic images from St. Petersburg — hexagon block sidewalks, the Dali Museum, the Grand Prix, and the Rowdies — became an essential part of the chamber’s brand identity.

Grow. Play. Stay.