Hey there – Anya here! At Hype Group, I’m fortunate enough to work with a lot of like-minded individuals. We are all a part of the millennial generation that is so often technologically driven, entrepreneurially spirited, and open-minded. We tend to document everything, we stay informed, and we absolutely LOVE turning the status quo upside down. So, I took it upon myself to interview my co-workers, so you could all see what it’s like to have an office full of millennials:

What’s the oldest movie you can remember?
Brooke – The Never Ending Story (1984)
Marc – Probably any Disney movie
Anya – Sabrina (1954)
Megan – Alice in Wonderland, I used to watch it on repeat as a kid.

How is “adulting” going for you?
​Brooke – Loving every minute of it!
​Alana – All I can say is that “the struggle is real”!
​Kenny – Good but why does everything cost money?

Favorite Disney Classic?
Kelsey – Three-way tie between The Lion King, The Little Mermaid and The Lady and The Tramp
Santi – Lion King. ROAR!
Brooke – Cinderella, a classic!

What object can you NOT live without?
Johnny – Chapstick. Hands down.
Marc – Fridge. LOL!
Anya – Socks. Socks always and forever.

What is your definition of success?
Carly – Doing something that you love and never having to think twice about adding guacamole at Chipotle.

Tattoos? If so, how many?
Nicole – Yes, I have one, but don’t tell my pops.
Marc – None, but I want one.
Anya – Yes, I have two. A semicolon on my wrist to remind me to never give up hope, and the outline of a wave on my left rib, next to my heart, in representation of Florida.

How do you get your news?
Alana – A mixture of Buzzfeed News, Facebook updates, and the local paper.
Marc – Twitter Newsfeed
Brooke – Daily Mail app
Kenny – My girlfriend. Thanks Alisha!
Carly – Daily Emails and Social Media

Do you own a landline?
Anya – Nope. But I had one a year ago because service at my old apartment sucked!
Brooke – Yes! I’m just old school with that type of stuff I guess!
Elio – Why would I?

How often do you use your phone to pay?
Anya – Every few days, it’s so convenient not to have to carry a wallet.
Eddie – As often as I can! Apple Pay has made it safer for me to spend my money, as they change your credit card number after every transaction so it’s harder to track.
Amaya – Minimally. Though I’ve finally jumped on the Venmo train to pay my friends back.

What’s your preferred kind of advertising?
Anya – Probably Instagram ads… They tend to be so beautiful.
Elio – Print. A smart, powerful graphic always blows my mind.
Johnny – Commercials that make me laugh are my favorite form of advertising. Whether they’re animated or acted out, comedy has a way of making a lasting impression on people.

If you could have added a class to your high school curriculum to help you better function today, what would it be?
Brooke and Anya – Cooking class! Feeding ourselves is a hard task haha!
Amaya – The basics of personal finance and taxes – This is useful
knowledge that should be available for everyone, especially​before college.
Eddie – What taxes are and how you can use them to your advantage.
Johnny – How to survive without coffee.

Which social media platform do you most use?
Anya – Snapchat, I love sending my friends a play-by-play of my day!
Kelsey – Instagram because it’s a visual platform and I’m a visual person.
Santi – Instagram

Apple or Microsoft?
Elio – Apple. They trapped me.
Brooke – Apple!
Eddie – Apple. I love their sleek design and the fact that they are so user-friendly!

Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?
Elio – Starbucks coffee, but dem Donuts be good.
Kelsey – Starbucks. I like that it’s welcoming, like a third home.
Nicole – Starbucks, I love their tall Iced White Mocha… and the free Wi-Fi!

What are your favorite Instagram and Snapchat filters?
Anya – Valencia on Instagram, third filter on Snapchat
Kelsey – The dog filter on Snapchat
Marc – I usually don’t use them, just edit it myself!
Megan – For Instagram I would have to say the black and white filter. For Snapchat I would say the face swap filter, it’s hilarious.

Netflix or Redbox?
Santi – What’s Redbox?
Nicole – Netflix and chill always and forever <3
Kelsey – Netflix because I have a wider selection for less money.

Do you listen to normal radio? If not, what type of satellite service do you use?
Amaya – Spotify.
Anya – I listen to the actual radio on my way to work, but I listen to Spotify and Pandora more.
Eddie – I use Spotify – I like that you can make personalized playlists.
Johnny – I do every so often. 93.3 FLZ and WiLD 94.1. I prefer Pandora and SoundCloud however.

What’s your favorite Justin Bieber haircut?
Anya – the initial bob, I think
Marc – The low-cut. Don’t ask me why.

How do you feel about the fact that winter is coming?
​Santi – It’s been 6 years and it’s still not here…getting impatient.
Elio – Is this a Game of Thrones reference? Either way, I’m a big fan of winter!
​Anya – Bring it!

What’s your favorite current slang trend?
Anya – Probably “bae”
Kenny – Swagggggggggg
Marc – Bless up

Well – it’s safe to say that although we’re similar in age, we’re quite the melting pot of people. We’re all immersed in new age technology, but we’ll at least have plenty to reference to in the future. For now, we’ll keep taking pictures of our food, making social media accounts for our pets, and face swapping with our Apple TV remotes. The millennials are here to make a difference.


Here’s a list of everyone’s roles, for reference:

Brooke Boyd – President
Kenny Coil – Creative Director
Eddie Martinez – Web Developer
Marc Berenguer – Senior Designer
Santi Jaramillo – Designer
Elio Marini – Junior Designer/Animator Extraordinaire
Amaya DeVicente – Brand Manager
Anya Mayr – Brand Manager
Nicole Greco – PR Associate
Kelsey Nohren – PR & Marketing Intern
Carly Howell – PR & Marketing Intern
Alana Genea – PR & Marketing Intern
Johnny Quaranto – Design Intern
Megan Sierra – Design Intern