What is PR? 

First, it may help if we tell you what exactly PR (public relations) is, before we get into the value and benefits. The Public Relations Society of America defines PR as “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” This is a good albeit broad definition that doesn’t begin to cover what exactly this responsibility entails. 

On any given day, a PR professional can be pitching the media, crafting a three-month PR campaign, coordinating and facilitating interviews, planning an event, doing damage control following a crisis – and the list goes on. 

PR is not to be confused with ‘Grassroots Marketing’. While it can be beneficial to hit the pavement and communicate directly with your consumers (via gift certificates, informational collateral, etc), public relations has a much broader goal. True PR professionals will understand that they are building or enhancing a brand’s presence through multiple avenues.

What was once a practice that focused solely on “publicity” has transformed with time and technology into a multifaceted communications tool for companies in all sectors, from hospitality to non-profits. 

As an agency that offers PR services we often get asked, “What exactly am I paying for?” 

In short, you are paying for a PR pro’s writing skills, industry knowledge, time, and most importantly, their media relationships. We once had someone tell us that they could recruit interns to do the very same thing we did, but this isn’t exactly true. 

Sure, you could bring on a slew of interns to write and distribute pitches and releases. But do they know what is newsworthy? Do they write in AP (Associated Press) style? Do they know how to format a pitch and a press release? Do they know the best outlet/journalist to send a pitch to? Do they have the contact information? Do they have the relationships needed to get by in this business? Chances are they don’t – at least not yet. 

The Value

Value is measured in a plethora of different ways and depends on engagement, goals, budget, and more. However, one PR pro said it best when she stated the following: 

PR is all about:

• Building credibility

• Becoming a go-to expert for the media

• Building an online presence

• Gaining brand exposure

• Reaching your target audience

• Offering the media tips/advice/etc. and indirectly promoting your brand

That is the power of PR in a nutshell. A PR pro is the vehicle in which your brand is delivered to the press. Any time your company is mentioned in the media, whether intraditional press, blogs, social media, or digital news outlets like The Huffington Post, your brand gains credibility. While PR doesn’t always equal sales, a successful placement coupled with the proper brand can do just that.   

Here at Hype Group, when you hire us to handle your public relations we make it a priority to become an expert in your brand, so that we may communicate effectively on your behalf. A good PR professional is a seamless extension of the client, and consumers or public(s) should not see a difference in key messaging, values or goals. 

Check out a few of the placements we’ve scored here at Hype Group on behalf of our clients: 

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