Hype Group has worked behind-the-scenes on many brands locally, regionally and nationally since opening in 2009. We have more than doubled in employees just in the past two years, and in fact, we’ve grown so much that we no longer fit in our office! For those of you who have stopped by to meet with us recently, we’re sure you’ve noticed we are packed in here like a can of sardines. While that closeness as a team has played a major role in our success, we’re definitely in need of a little more wiggle room.

That being said, we are pleased to announce that we are moving just across the street to First Central Tower, located at Central Avenue and 4th Street! Moving means we are more than doubling our space, and comes with the additions of a creative studio, conference room, private offices, photography studio, recreational area (yay!), and a “quiet” space for creative planning and strategizing. 

If you ask our fearless leader Brooke Boyd, she will tell you that our success comes from the innate cohesiveness of our team. Each team member plays an integral role, and communication is of the utmost importance. Our brand managers, public relations manager, designers, developers and stellar interns will continue to work together to deliver the best results possible.  

The inside of our new space is being gutted as we speak, and a bevy of modifications and build-outs are being made to our specifications. While we are moving to a larger space, the office culture that helps make Hype what it is won’t be changing. Boss lady, Brooke, will have her own corner office with glass walls, so that she may hold meetings and phone calls in quiet, if she pleases. The marketing and PR team will have a designated area to call home, though nothing will be sectioned off. The same goes for the creative team, who will be on the opposite side of the space. In addition to the main working area, there will be two separate rooms serving as the conference room and creative studio respectively. 

And did we mention the recreational area and lounge? We’re thinking a Ping-Pong table or foosball table. Don’t worry, we’ve also thought about an in-house keg…cheers!

We look forward to bringing the Hype to First Central Tower, and hope you will join us in celebrating during our Open House (will be scheduled towards the end of the summer). Let us know what you think on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/hypegroup.