We recently had a group of 5 interns join our Hype team for the summer semester! We love our interns and want to give a little background to the faces and personalities you might not be familiar with. Without further ado, Hype 2016 Summer Graphic Design Interns are: Johnny and Megan. Our Marketing/Public Relations interns are: Kelsey, Carly, and Alana. Keep reading to learn a little more about our rad interns and say ‘hi’ to them next time you see them roaming around our beautiful Downtown St. Pete!

Where do you go to school?

Johnny: USFSP, Go Bulls!
Carly: University of Florida. Go Gators!
Kelsey: Florida Gulf Coast University
Alana: I currently go to the University of South Florida St. Petersburg.
Megan: University of South Florida

What’s your major/minor?

Johnny: Major in Graphic Design with a Minor in Fine Arts and Art History
Carly: Advertising with concentration in English.
Kelsey: I am a Communication Major with a concentration in Public Relations and minors in Marketing and Advertising.
Alana: My major is Mass Communications with a concentration in Journalism and Media Studies. My minor is Art History.
Megan: My major is Graphic Design and my minor is Art History.

Favorite hangout in your college town?

Johnny: I really enjoy Bradley’s in Ybor City or hanging out at Sushi Inc. in Downtown St. Pete.
Carly: My sorority house, all my friends are there and there’s always free food.
Kelsey: Probably Blu Sushi. It’s an exciting, upscale sushi restaurant that I wish would come to St. Pete. There’s also a puppy store across, so we frequently play with puppies.
Alana: I love going to concerts and St. Petersburg is certainly great for that. One of my favorite venues to go to is Jannus Live.
Megan: I love to hang out at the Canopy downtown.

How do you take your coffee/tea?

Johnny: Fully stocked at all hours of the day.
Carly: Hot tea with honey.
Kelsey: If I make it myself, I add vanilla cream. If I’m going to Starbucks, I spontaneously decide between either a vanilla latte or a sweet vanilla crème cold brew…at the register. I’m sure I’m their favorite customer.
Alana: I could live off of caramel Frappuccinos.
Megan: I’m a tea person and I usually just add honey.

What’s your favorite place in the world?

Johnny: California – Beautiful city, beautiful people, amazing food and great design!
Carly: Anywhere that I’m traveling with people I love.
Kelsey: Anywhere on a sailboat.
Alana: Central Park is my happy place.
Megan: As of right now my favorite places I’ve traveled are New York and Park City, Utah.

What are your responsibilities at Hype?

Johnny: I’m a graphic designer, which means I’m always working on something new! Designing, creative writing, illustrating, creative thinking, and collaborating.
Carly: I help write and post social media posts, write blogs, conduct research, outreach…it’s always changing!
Kelsey: I write a lot! I write blogs about window treatments, content for social media and offer to go to Starbucks when I need some extra inspiration.
Alana: My tasks really vary from day-to-day. I work a lot on creating social media content for our clients. I also get in contact with different media outlets to promote local events. Some other things would be research and blog writing for our clients.
Megan: I am a design intern and normally help with creating deigns and coming up with new ideas.

Why did you want to intern at Hype?

Johnny: Hype did the branding for Souzou (a restaurant where I serve at) and I took a look at the website and was inspired by how tight-knit and creative the entire team was.
Carly: I loved that Brooke was a UF alum, and the atmosphere was so welcoming and fun.
Kelsey: My dream job is becoming a chief marketing officer (CMO). I wanted to experience as much of the real world as I could that would help further my future career. I love Hype Group!
Alana: I wanted to learn skills that would be helpful for me moving forward towards a career in marketing and public relations. When I came across this company in my search for internships, I saw how creative they were and knew it would be a good fit for me.
Megan: I like that Hype is a full branding agency and often works with new companies and entrepreneurs. I also really love all the creative projects Hype has worked on and knew that I would learn a lot interning there. Hype has been an amazing place to intern and I really have learned so much about design and branding.

What’s your favorite thing to do with your free time?

Johnny: I really like to stay active so sports, running, or weight training. I also really love watching movies!
Carly: Much to my bank accounts dismay, shopping.
Kelsey: I thoroughly enjoy running with my friend’s dog, a red bone coonhound named Lilly – Sometimes we’ll go to Starbucks for a “pupachino.” When I’m not running, I’m at the beach, which you might not be able to guess due to my pale complexion.
Alana: Watch Netflix and practice my ukulele.
Megan: I try to visit and kayak a lot of springs in Florida as much as I can. I also love attending different art and music events.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Johnny: It’s a tossup between a shape-shifter and being able to freeze things.
Carly: Teleportation- it would make traveling so much easier.
Kelsey: To see underwater.
Alana: If I could have a superpower, it would for sure be flight. I would be able to see things in a whole new perspective.
Megan: I would want to be able to fly. I commute from Tampa to St. Pete 6 days a week and it would be awesome if I could fly, lol. I would also be able to travel all over the world for free!

What your favorite social media platform?

Johnny: Snapchat! I’m a self-diagnosed Snap-a-holic.
Carly: It’s a tie between Instagram and Snapchat.
Kelsey: Instagram! I like how it requires a photo…it’s a better way for people to share their lives.
Alana: Instagram! I am a visual person.
Megan: It’s a tie between Instagram and Facebook.

Do you have any pets? If so, what kind/name?

Johnny: Yes! My baby girl, Betsy, is a 13-year old Pit Bull mix.
Carly: I’m trying to convince my roommates…*cough cough*
Kelsey: I have a cat, Lily. She’s a calico.
Alana: My puppy is a Maltese mixed with a Yorkie, so a Morkie. His name is Bailey.
Megan: Yes, I have one dog. She is a Jack Russel and her name is Zoey.

Are you a Tampa Bay native? If not, where are you from originally?

Johnny: New York made and Florida raised.
Carly: I’m from Crystal River, a tiny town about two hours north of Tampa.
Kelsey: I am a Tampa Bay native!
Alana: I am from Cape Coral, which is about two hours south of here.
Megan: Yes, born and raised in Tampa Bay!

What’s your favorite place to travel?

Johnny: My travel game is weak unfortunately. Italy, Ireland and England are on my bucket list though!
Carly: Places that have beautiful seasons, I miss them living in Florida.
Kelsey: I love the Bahamas, but am planning on going to the Dominican Republic in December to celebrate graduation. I also dream of traveling to Italy.
Alana: New York! I get to visit both my family and the best city in the world. I love that the city is just brimming with creativity.
Megan: I don’t travel as much as I want to but when I graduate I have plans to travel. The first destination on my list is Paris!