Here at Hype Group, we are a conglomeration of different personalities, ethnicities, and creative tendencies (check out a previous blog on Hype Culture, here). But the same could be said for our pets! Below is a little bit about our furry friends – the Hype Group mascots that brighten our days, dominate our social feeds, and greet us with a bark or a meow when we get home from a fun day at the office. 

What is your pet’s name, and what is their age/breed?

Brooke: Remington (Remi); 1-year-old German shorthaired pointer

Kenny: 1.) Luna; 1-year-old Beagle 2.) Nova; 2-year-old Beagle

Anya: Cat (inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s); 4-year-old Maine Coon mix

Marc: Emma; 7-month-old Mini Golden Doodle

Amaya: Nena; 5-year-old Golden Retriever

Nicole: Lucca; 6-year-old Maine Coon cat

Santi: 1.) Zizou; 3-year-old Weimaraner 2.) Bailey; 6-year-old Yorkie

Eddie: 1.) Trina; 2-½ year old Pit Bull/Black Cur Hound mix 2.) Shiloh; 2-year-old Australian Shepard/Husky mix

Kelsey: Lily; 9-year-old Calico cat

Megan: Zoey; 6-year-old Jack Russel mix

Alana: Bailey; 9-year-old Maltese/Yorkie mix

Johnny: Betsy; 13-year-old Pit Bull mix

What is your favorite thing about your pet?

Nicole: His fluff! He is 20 lbs., but I’ve yet to determine how much of that weight is made up of fur.

Santi: Zizou thinks he is human, and Bailey knows she is royalty.

Eddie: Shiloh is the fluffiest and most lovable thing around. All he wants is to get pet, hang out, and play outside. My favorite and least favorite thing about Trina is that she won’t stop licking you. Great for puppy kisses, terrible and cold when you’re not expecting it.

Anya: She’s very loving. She sleeps with me every night, and she’ll sense when I’m sad and curl up next to me.

Amaya: How happy and excited she gets after not seeing you – she can’t contain her happiness for the first few minutes but will eventually calm down enough and sit on your feet to lean against you.

Megan: My favorite thing about Zoey is that she loves to cuddle and somehow she knows when I’m having a bad day.

Johnny: I love how happy she is every time I come home.

Any funny stories involving your pets?

Santi: I’ve got plenty but I will never forget the team effort they both made when it came down to stealing our pizza we had just ordered. I had left the pizza box on the dinning table, left to the room to get my phone only to come back to watch Bailey on top of the table pushing the pizza box down with her head so Zizou can also have a slice…they both ended up eating the entire pizza.

Nicole: As I mentioned before, Lucca is very fluffy. One day, I had lit a new candle and put it on the coffee table. Come to find, the coffee table is perfectly aligned with his tail, which brushed into the candle. In a matter of seconds, his tail was on fire, the candle was extinguished, and there was a trail of wax left in his wake. It wasn’t funny in the moment, but I can laugh about it now.

Amaya: She’s infamous for stealing socks off of my nieces’/nephew’s feet before anyone can notice.

Alana: He used to hide in our shoes when he was little because he was so small. We used to run around and not be able to find him anywhere!

If your pet could name you, what would your name be?

Kenny: Servant

Eddie: HOOman or “the one with the hand.”

Santi: Slave

Marc: Santa

Who is the boss, you or your furry friend?

Marc: I’m the boss, but she has her rebel moments.

Megan: She is totally the boss. I can never be mad at her, even when she does something wrong and she knows it, lol.

Nicole: Lucca is definitely the boss. It is his world and I’m just living in it.

Alana: Bailey is my boss. He loves to wake me up in the morning and whine/lick me until I take him out. I would do anything for him.

Are you a dog person, a cat person, or both?

Brooke: Definitely a dog person.

Amaya: Dog…some may say I have a bit of an obsession.

Megan: I’m definitely a dog person; I’m not a big fan of cats.

Nicole: I can appreciate a cute pup, but I’m definitely a cat person.

Kelsey: Definitely both!

Anya: I’m both. I feel like cat people also tend to be dog people, but very few dog people are cat people too. A cat is just more convenient for me right now because of my busy schedule.

Eddie: Both, I just ended up with 2 dogs randomly.

Santi: Dog person only. Cats are evil!

Johnny: Dog person for sure.

Alana: Dog person for sure. Me and cats just don’t mix.

What is your pet’s favorite food, apart from the traditional pet food?

Nicole: French fries! Don’t walk away from your fries in the presence of my cat. He will steal them, and you will be sorry.

Kelsey: She’s a big fan of cooked salmon, and Boar’s Head turkey and ham.

Brooke: Anything other than food…

Marc: Bananas!

Santi: Pizza…they’ve managed to steal 3 entire pizzas so far.

Anya: She LOVES canned food like Fancy Feast – salmon is her favorite. Fancy pants. She also LOVES Temptations treats. I’ve trained her with them. If you whistle, she’ll come to you because she knows it’s followed by a treat.

Amaya: Yogurt and bananas! If you’re eating one of those, she’ll sit staring at you while drool visibly drips to the floor.

Johnny: She LOVES popcorn, and she loves catching them midair.

Alana: He loves all fruit, especially apples.

Explain your pet’s personality in one sentence

Santi: Zizou is the world’s most human-like dog ever.

Eddie: Shiloh is very chill and shy; he just wants to relax all the time. Trina is super energetic and playful, she just wants to run around constantly.

Brooke: Remi has the energy of a hummingbird and a heart of gold.

Marc: She’s all about that attention, you would think that her favorite thing of going on a walk is meeting other dogs – nope – her favorite thing is meeting other people! She loves the attention and love, especially being a puppy; she does all these happy excitement noises when she sees other people!

Nicole: Lucca is bossy, but ultimately very loving; he is a cuddle bug, but you wouldn’t know it by the side eye he gives on the regular.

Alana: Bailey is like a tiny, furry, sassy human.

Would you trade places with your pet for a day? Explain why or why not.

Marc: I would. I would love to run so freely; also it has to be interesting to have all these other senses at a higher level, (sight, smell, hearing).

Amaya: I don’t want to trade places, but I do wish I could spy on her to see what she does all day – The Secret Life of Pets style.

Santi: Hell YES!!! Sleep all day! Tummy rubs, eating baby Lucas food…life would be great…for that day.

Eddie: Of course! I could finally catch up on sleep for once.

Nicole: Absolutely! He sleeps all day, plays all night, and eats all of the time. Not to mention, he gets a lot of really good pets and ear scratches. He is living the life.