As our team grows, our cultural diversity does too! Collectively, we represent 4 countries, 5 languages, 13 cities.
We wanted to know:
What do you love about where you grew up?

Anya – Brand Manager – Tegucigalpa, Honduras
What I love most about my country is its culture. Most things in Honduras are very family-oriented and traditional, and growing up in a small city where everybody knew everybody made it easier to make friends. What I miss most about it is the food – there’s nothing like a good baleada with horchata in the morning.

Santiago – Designer – Cartagena, Colombia
I love the culture in Cartagena; people are always smiling. And the food. Definitely the food.

Brooke – President – Fort Myers, Florida
I love that I grew up in a small town surrounded by saltwater. Weekends were spent boating, fishing, or at the beach. Many of my memories involve a sunburn! I do miss my family and friends but the good news is it’s only a couple hour drive from here, so I see them often.

Cristina – Advertising Intern – Miami, Florida
Growing up in Miami allowed me to experience a lot of different cultures and ethnicities. My mom is Norwegian and my dad is Peruvian, so that definitely helped too. Being close to my family and friends.

Kenny – Creative Director – Tampa, Florida
I grew up in Tampa but live in St Pete now. I love being able to go to the beach and learning more about the history behind St. Pete. Everything is becoming more local which is great. I just love St. Pete and think the Olympics should be held here.

Amaya – Brand Manager – St Pete, Florida
I’ve enjoyed watching areas of town prosper and transform throughout my lifetime here. I love all of the parks in the area, especially the waterfront ones!

Nicole – Public Relations Associate – Cape Coral, Florida
I love how safe and comfortable Cape Coral is. No matter how many times I move, it will always feel like home and I miss my family and best friend, constantly.

Aly – Public Relations Intern – Clearwater, Florida
Growing up in Tampa Bay was the best. The weather is always beautiful and being into sports I could always be outside. I love the beach and even though we aren’t in Margaritaville there’s a 5 o’clock somewhere type of vibe. There’s also so many museums and architectural art deco gold. The people are so nice. Everyone is usually in good mood, maybe it’s that Florida sunshine There are a variety of people from all over the world who visit here. In the end though, who can beat the sunset here?!

Adrian – Graphic Design Intern – Miami, Florida
I love how loud it is, my family, (especially my mom) and traditions.

Eddie – Senior Web Developer – Anchorage, Alaska
The nature is my favorite. There is nothing like the mountains and rivers in Alaska. Every trail has something different and unique. I actually like snow. There’s not even a hope of snow here in the wintertime, last Christmas I think it was like 86 degrees out. I’d much rather have a snowball fight and go snowmobiling in December than go to the beach.

Elio – Junior Graphic Designer – Coconut Creek, Florida
There was always a recreational sport league year round. It was fun to play a lot of sports with friends growing up. There were some good chicken wings back home at this place called Bru’s Room, and my adorable niece lives there.

Marc – Senior Graphic Designer – Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona is just magical. I love how I would be walking in between Roman walls and the next street has this crazy modernistic architectural style. I just loved the clash between the old and the modern culture. I think Barcelona is the perfect example of that. What I miss about it is spending time with my family, getting together with my uncles, cousins, etc. Also, going every now and then to watch FC Barcelona play on Sundays, but the thing I miss the most is the food! There’s a reason why the best chef in the world is from Barcelona!

Fun fact: Collectively, We have 2 children, 11 dogs, and 2 cats.

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